Jenny George

Portfolio: Ceramics

Work fundamentally created with high fired porcelain, my passion!
My work has always been largely figurative i.e. bodies, clothes, hats, laundry etc but has recently become influenced by tongue in cheek humour and irony. I aim to highlight the funnier sides of our obsession with fashion and explore its less amusing junction with the domestic. 
Inspiration bombards me every day.  We are encouraged to be obsessed with looks, clothes and food whilst a more general mania for consumerism confronts us at every level. Although I acknowledge these issues do have serious repercussions for example obesity, anorexia & debt, there is great humour to be found here too. 
My current work aims to pick up on these obsessions (and the contradictions that they imply) in an amusing and approachable way but one that hopefully continues to ask you, the observer, to engage in the contextual debate!