Jenny George

Portfolio: Images from the MA exhibition

The work you see here has formed the basis of my Masters Degree submission.


..."That both positive and negative emotions about ones children can and do exist simultaneously and would seem to be both healthy and normal. In my experience, speaking truthfully about my disabled child is painful, deemed neither healthy nor normal. There would seem to be an obvious yet silent and invisible dichotomy or ‘tension’ existing between society’s expectations of parental martyrdom on the one hand, and exclusion or vilification on the other. I love my son but I am not a martyr, I have a need to be able to say that I hate his disability. I am not alone with this socially unacceptable requirement yet none of us can 'speak' this. I intend to make 'it' instead, placing this dichotomy at the center of my practice in the way that my beloved child, is unavoidably at the center of my life."...


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